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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Knuckling Down..

Well almost recovered from my cold and jetlag now! I swear it's so much harder to do the time change thing when you get home than the outbound trip.... I am sure it must be because you don't want to miss a minute of the new exciting place you're visiting:)
Summer seems to be giving us one last reminder before she disappears as the weather has been lovely the last few days, so warm and sunny. I ventured into the city to visit the Flower and Garden show on Thursday, perfect weather for it! I bought some Freesia and Ranunculus bulbs, as well as some teeny tiny Orchid plants... wish me luck getting them to grow and flower!:)
I've uploaded a couple of pieces to Bearpile this morning, and have some ideas brewing for new pieces... a new pattern on my workbench stitched, turned and stuffed, waiting to be jointed. I am sure other bearmakers know that exciting feeling! I wonder if I am alone in propping the pieces up against one another once they're stuffed to see how it is going to turn out lol.... the suspense!
Well, I'll be off for now... this new design is calling my name.....:-D


Kays Kids said...

I do know the feeling. I prop them up on the sideboard and imagine how they will be when finished. Sometimes you feel excited and occasionally it is to the dump.

KarenAUS said...

Lol Ah it's so good to know that you aren't alone in the 'occasionally to the dump' part, isn't it Kay? But when things work out, it's such a thrill..