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Friday, 23 March 2012

Teddy Bear's Tea Party starts soon!

Feeling a little tired, arrived home from Hugglets and Wiesbaden Teddybear Shows just this morning, but I want to remind everyone that Teddies Worldwide's "Teddy Bears Tea Party" starts tomorrow!
Here in Australia I believe it starts at 6AM Saturday, and 4pm East Coast time in the USA.
This is a sneak preview of one of my bears, please stop by and visit the many creations based on the 'Tea Party' theme!

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Kays Kids said...

I want to hear all about Huggletts and Wiesbaden show, Have you pictures??????
Good luck for the Tea Party.
Hugs KAy

Blumbärchen said...

I've seen you and your wonderful teddys in Wiesbaden and I must say in reality they looks even much more beautiful than on the photo!

Have a good time


KarenAUS said...

Thank you so much Gabriele, that is so kind of you. I so enjoyed being at the Wiesbaden show- you Europeans certainly know how to do fabulous displays!

KarenAUS said...

It probably sound funny but I don't like taking pictures at shows for some reason lol... I'd have loved to show you the displays specially at Wiesbaden- they are out of this world Kay, you'd LOVE it! Like whole shop displays!