Teddies Worldwide

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Friends of Teddy..

I'm thrilled to say I'll be a part of the lovely Daphne from Teddies Worldwide's next show, Friends of Teddy! This show is a little different in that each artist taking part has to do at least 5 pieces that are NOT Teddies.... I do enjoy doing little pieces that aren't teddies, so I think this is going to be fun. Probably the hard part will be deciding which animals to choose?
I'll have the banner up shortly.. OH! and importantly, the show dates- July 13 to 15. Boy that seems so far off doesn't it? I am sure it will be here before we know it!
I've been working on some new pieces lately... this little pair which I'm planning on uploading to Bearpile soon is sitting in a little 'rusty tin' washtub I found at the Wiesbaden show. I am already wishing I bought more of them than I did! Isn't it cute? I was lucky enough to find them in several sizes (this was the biggest at only 6cm wide) so there's lots of possible uses.
Autumn seems to have decided it's time to show up here- Friday was warm and sunny and almost 30 deg c- then Saturday it was lucky to hit 15 deg c.... crazy!



Kays Kids said...

Don't they look delicious in that tub. Perhaps I should not say delicious with the bunny.( I didn't mean tasty.)

KarenAUS said...

Hehe phew, bunny was getting a little scared there- thank you Kay! I was so thrilled with those tiny tubs- believe it or not that was the biggest one! Now to plan out what I'm going to do with the other sizes lol..