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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Counting Down!

Well, the hours are counting down til the virtual doors close on the Teddies Worldwide Tea Party show. I'm so fortunate to say most of my pieces are sold, only two left. Yep that would be them above:)
Lots of sales from lots of artists it seems, browsing the pages, but still lots of wonderful pieces left. So it's not too late if you'd still like to take a peek!
As for me well I've still not completely emptied my suitcase, tho my workbench is almost tidy enough to start afresh... No fun to get home to see the leftovers of the work I'd finished off a month ago!:) I keep telling myself one day I won't work til the last minute the night before I go to a show, but why I think after all these years ( 23 or so, since my first show) it will ever change I don't know lol.

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Kays Kids said...

I have been following you at the Tea Party. You have done well.

KarenAUS said...

Thank you Kay! Yes I was thrilled, it must have been a hard choice for collectors there were so many wonderful pieces!