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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Working Away!

Well, I've managed yet again to end up in a frantic rush, getting things finished for the first show of the year, the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair on the 6th of March. Yes... it's very close! Not to mention designing 4 new patterns for Gerrys- yep thats them up above. The four new pieces are an elephant, a panda baby, a swan and a standing bear. It took forever to stuff that big round head of the Panda Baby! Reminded me why I really prefer to make smaller bears hehe.
Back to the grindstone again.... lots of noses to embroider, then airbrushing, hats, trimming..... etc etc etc......

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A sigh of relief.....

Well, I had a small panic yesterday.. I was working on my laptop, booking a plane ticket for the Sydney show. Mind you I SHOULD have done this weeks ago! So here I am, going from window to window, tab to tab, comparing prices and times etc etc, being that it's Sydney-Melbourne there was so many choices! Then, all of a sudden.... the dreaded blue screen.... then the incomprehensible words flashing across something about boot something something unable to find something something, hard drive something something.... press this press that- I am sure you all know the story! hehe... Well it looked bad, it refused to restart again- twice- so I thought my poor baby had bitten the dust.
Fortunately my trusty Computer Technician (also known as Mum lol) was able to take a look at it yesterday afternoon, and of course it started perfectly for her, and there was no sign of anything wrong....... I think the worst thing (aside from thinking of spending the money on a new laptop lol) was worrying about all the photos I might have lost if the hard drive was gone... so now, my laptop is backed up on an external hard drive and I am crossing my fingers it was just a glitch.....
Yes, I am also doing some work, frantically trying to finish new bears for the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair on March 6th, as well as a couple of new patterns. These will mostly be critters other than bears, which was very exciting. More to come on that soon!
Photo- just a few little girlies on hand... for some reason I don't think a post is complete without a photo... maybe thats just me, who likes looking at pretty pictures hehe...
Bye for now!