Teddies Worldwide

Friday, 19 March 2010

Well yet again I didn't get the chance to give a preview of the bears I was taking to the Sydney bear fair! The show was great as always, wonderful to catch up with all the Artists and people attending the show. A special treat was meeting a collector visitor from Singapore who I had chatted to on email recently, what a nice surprise that was!
As always Melissa put on a great day, I don't know how she manages to get it done.
I had forgotten how humid it can get in Sydney in Summer... ok I guess it wasn't technically Summer anymore, but it was close enough to it for me!:) So sticky and humid you would have thought you were in the tropics. ONE thing I don't miss about Sydney!
Also big thanks to Valma and her lovely ladies that came to the classes I gave in the couple of days prior to the show. As always lots of fun, and wonderful to see the new little faces coming alive.
So back again and into work, classes at Bear Essence and more booked in for June... after the Gold Coast show... already looking forward to that one!
The bears in the photos have just been listed on Bearpile... hoping to list regularly there during the year.
Back to work for me..