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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A New Year and a New Design...

The process of designing something new, for me, can vary wildly- sometimes I get an idea and I rush to bring it to life, and it can be a matter of a day or two before I've finished it. Other ideas can take a bit longer- I have a few pieces that remain half finished for a week, month or few years:) because I've hit a creative block and I'm waiting for the right mood or idea to finish it. Then there's the ideas I've sketched out into one of my 'idea books' which sometimes stay there for years before I pick the book up on a whim, flick through and find something that speaks to me in that moment.
Thennnnn there's those pieces that remain in my head for days, weeks, months or even, as with this case- years- before I'm brave enough to tackle them:) Sometimes it's because the idea isn't quite there yet, but often it's because I am intimidated by the idea of such new pattern shapes. Like with my Hippo, squirrel, and this little guy, a Pug puppy:)
I've wanted to make a Pug or French Bulldog or similar type dog for so long, but the idea of such a different head shape kept making my head spin. Well round New Years Day I sat down and told myself it's time..... I've made this pattern up twice now, in both mohair and viscose, and I'm loving it! As is usual with designs I've put off forever, I want to make more more more!
So exciting to start the New Year with a completely new design! Basil sits about 4" tall, is sewn from distressed viscose, and is filled with pure wool and glass sand so he's just a teeny bit weighty in your hand. Here's to more adventure and new faces for us all for 2015!

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