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Saturday, 17 May 2014

So, now I'm coming back down to earth and trying to knuckle down and be productive... Easier said than done, which I'm sure you can well relate to!:) For some reason I've been inspired to try some needle felting. Now, like many I'm sure, I've had felting supplies for many years... Always intending on having a go but not really achieving much... So I thought this time when I give it a go, if I put pics up on my blog, it might push me to actually finish something!:-D
Whether my plan works or not is another thing, but here is one of my experiments so far. Not perfect of course, learning new techniques usually doesn't result in perfection first time out does it?:) But I'm encouraged enough to plug away and have another go- or two:)
I had already redesigned my head pattern a little, to reduce the snout area to allow for the felting, but I soon discovered to get the depth in the mouth that I was hoping for, I needed to remove yet more snout from the mohair parts. So, another head was sewn up and felted snout begun- only to have the mohair backing fray away, meaning my second head had to be tossed....
In front of me now I have another snoutless mohair head, with extra fray stopping on the face seams, waiting to be stuffed.. Wish me luck!:)
(Please forgive the not-quite-focused pics, I took them for my own entertainment not intending to post them, but I thought someone might find them interesting even if they aren't perfect- sort of like my felting attempts in general! lol)

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What I've been up to....

You may have noticed in the sidebar that I was heading to TeddyBear Total in Münster Germany in April... As usual I was bad in blogging and here I am home again after a great show and a lovely trip... I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in some time in my 'favouritest place in the world' ( yes I know that's not really a word hehe), Paris! as well as a few days in Amsterdam after the show..... What a perfect time to be there- Monet's garden in Giverny was in full bloom with gorgeous bulbs as well as pansies, lilac and other beautiful spring flowers, as were the tulip gardens in Keukenhof, Holland. We got the tail end of the blossom trees and the beginning of the peonies... And beautiful weather, only a few cold days. We also squeezed in a day trip to beautiful Bruges where we indulged in some yummy chocolate and waffles!

First on the list when we arrived however, was a visit to the local Ladurée shop- a convenient 10 minute walk from the apartment, and a box of macarons to eat by the Seine... While we pinched ourselves, we were in Paris!:)

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