Teddies Worldwide

Saturday, 28 January 2012

First for the Year..

.... First for the year on Bearpile that is! I've listed these two little cuties sitting in a vintage beaded handbag on my Bearpile page. Bearpile listings will be a bit thin on the ground while I work madly for the upcoming shows and start back at 'school', and I've even done some orders! Hopefully I can keep it up all year!:-D

Friday, 20 January 2012

Jumping for Joy!

Well, this year I had decided not to enter the Teddy Bear and Friends magazines TOBY awards... The deadline was looming and I had orders, and Christmas was looming- and for once I knuckled down and did my orders... then came the email from the TBF editor... deadline extended! Hmm... time for a rethink... and I am glad I did, because my little girl who I called "Sweet Dreams" has won a TOBY Industry's Choice award! What a thrill!
I can't wait to see photos of all the other winners, always a treat to see what people have dreamed up.
Now, nose back to the grindstone... :-D


Monday, 16 January 2012

A New Year..

Oh my gosh, where does time go?!? It's already halfway through January, all my ideas of posting Christmas cards and such went out the window, Christmas seems a distant memory, and even New Years is fading.... after having an few easy days, I am back into things.
Having a good end to 2011, working on some orders (which I am first to admit, I am NOT good at! hehe) and going well on Bearpile, I am looking forward to 2012. Just as well huh, because it's going to happen whether I am ready or not!:D
My first show for the year is looming- Hugglets Winter Bearfest in London! I was going to take a year out from Hugglets and apply for February 2012, but circumstances have made it possible for me to go this year. I am so excited, and so lucky! Of course that means more mad bearmaking- or should I say bearmaking at a mad rate- some would say I'm always mad bearmaking hehe... One of the reasons I wanted to try the Winter Hugglets show was to combine it with the Teddybear-Welt show in Wiesbaden, Germany... so yes, that's my second show of the year! Doubly exciting.... just a couple of weeks after Hugglets, it's great to be able to combine two shows for the one plane ticket:D
Then, as you can see, I have been accepted into the Teddies Worldwide March online show, "Teddybears Tea Party". Right up my alley! It's going to be fun thinking up Tea Party themed bears, and again, Daphne, Teddies Worldwide 'head honcho' has a 'under $100" section, which is also a fun challenge to rise to.
On top of this, I have decided to go 'back to school' and learn a new skill- Floristry! I've had an interest in floristry for the longest time ( since a teenager) and took a one day class at a famous Florist's school when I was away for Hugglets last September, which I really enjoyed, so the bug was planted. Late last year, I decided there wasn't going to be a better time, so I signed myself up! It's such a shock to the system going back and getting assignments and being the student.
My last two Saturdays were spent at the wonderful Bear Essence in Tooradin, teaching my ballerina girls sitting in a ballet slipper. Two fun days were had by all, I think it's safe to say. Even though it felt like we were all in holiday mode, the bears were finished on time- early even- *and* we managed to have a lovely time. Another class is scheduled to be running in April at Bear Essence.
So, there's the beginning of the year all lined up! Boy that turned into a long post didn't it lol... I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years, and that we all have a great New Year ahead of us.. heres to health, friends, family, and lots of wonderful creations- either made or collected- or perhaps even both!