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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thank You

Well what a wonderful show! All but two of my pieces were adopted, and according to Daphne the show organiser, it was the most successful yet! How could it not have been though, with all the wonderful pieces there to drool over.
I hope you enjoyed looking, the creativity was really amazing. I often find it tricky to do Christmas-themed pieces, maybe its my aversion to red and green, or that when its time to make Christmas pieces it's usually warm and sunny here! It's wonderful to see the different ideas so many artists had for the show.
I can't imagine the hard work done by Daphne and her clever Dad in putting together the show pages and listing pages for us. I hope Daphne has time for a few relaxing days as a reward for all those hours.
Now, time to take a breather, work on a couple of orders and start planning new pieces for the New Year... I already have cut out and sewn the head of a new design which I think might be a bit different to my usual shape, but probably won't be as different as I was hoping for hehe.
Of course I shall snap some photos as she's done...


Kays Kids said...

Like you Karen I thought, there were some amazing bears in the show. It was a feast for all of us that just drooled over them. I'm glad you sold well. Now I can't wait to see your new design.
Hugs Kay

KarenAUS said...

Thank you Kay! It's a shame in a way we can't go back and re-visit the show pages but I guess that's what makes the shows so special...