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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Heading North For the Winter

Well, I'm off this weekend to hopefully sunny Queensland! Brisbane specifically, for the Winter Wonderland show ( http://www.winter-wonderland.com.au ) The weather has turned decidely wintery down south in the last few days- not surprisingly since it is Winter after all!:) - so I will be crossing my fingers for some nice sunny days up there. I always look forward to going to shows I haven't been to before, or like this time, one I haven't been to in a while, because it's fun to see new things to admire and buy:)
The photos above are a little sneak peak of Victoria's handsome groom, Albert- well at least I think he's handsome, but maybe I am a little biased! As with Victoria (featured in an earlier blog post) , he was designed specially for Bear Essence's Bear Tales pattern 'magazine'. If you make bears (or critters!) this is a wonderful deal, a whole year of pattern booklets posted to you- and Kim gets some wonderful pieces for you to make! Well worth checking out.
Back to work for me, lots of bears to finish off before I fly off on Friday afternoon!



bensonbear said...

Hmmmm lucky you, it's been freezing down here! Albert is definitely a male, and they look like a gorgeous couple! Have fun in Brizzie! x

Rosey said...

You have been tagged for the Lovely Blog award (o:

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for the details.

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

No way Rosey, I just tagged her for the one lovely blog award! lol Maybe we can both give it to her since we can't take it back ;) LOL