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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Some people will attest to my lack of Photoshop skills (Sarah?? lol)... even "Photoshop for Dummies" is a bit over my head! lol. I've just been trying to add a blurred border to my pics to make them more interesting, my trusty book mentioned above was no help:( Google searching tutorials, the same. Poor Mum came to the rescue, and voila! So here is two posts in one day, because I might forget how to do it again, and I want evidence that yes, I did do it once upon a time:)
This is one of my little bears perched on a Mushroom in the front yard. It was a bit smaller than the one I took with Sarah's bear. These mushrooms were so magical looking, I think all up there was 5 or 6 of them over a couple of weeks. Sadly they are all gone now, hopefully they will be back again next year!
Now, off to practice mly newfound skill on more photos!


Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

tehe, you got one finished in time :) She looks wonderful!!!! So pretty! Photography A++++ and thank goodness for mothers ;)

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

I've just nominated you for a "Makes My Heart Smile" blog award :) If you check out my blog you'll see :)