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Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Listings on Bearpile..

Well, after days and days of rain, the sun finally came out today..... of course though we have been so lucky compared to the poor people in Queensland, not to mention northern NSW and even parts of Victoria... hard to fathom that usually at this time of year, bushfires are on our mind!
I took some time today to list a couple more little ones on Bearpile, a tiny mini- and a slightly larger miniature. I hope you like them!
I also wanted to share the photo of a lovely sunset we had here recently.... I guess that must have been our last sunset before the deluge! Love the colours.....


Kays Kids said...

How tiny, those little angels are. I love them to bits. Your fingers have been busy again.

Анна said...

Какая прелесть!))))))))))