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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Well here it is December already, where did the year go?? After the last Online show, and my last class, I was feeling like I could sort of relax.... but then I realised that it's not really ALL that long until the first show of the year..... and I have a special project I wanted to work on *last* Christmas/New Years that I didn't get to start, except plan in my head... Well, fingers crossed I get a chance to start it this year.

Also have a special project to work on for a workshop next year... this will be a high stress project because she has been designed on paper with input from a wonderful student, and people have seen the sketch.... so people other than me have a visual of what she is supposed to look like! I usually don't worry too much if something doesn't turn out looking like the idea I had in my head or in my sketchbook, because nobody else knows what it was *supposed* to look like!:)
So hopefully come February I will have some new designs, my special long term project and special class project done, or at least started:)

I'm also planning to list some new bears on Bearpile soon... the two girls above will most likely be listed very soon..... hmmmm, sounds like I better get this posted and get to work! :)

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Kays Kids said...

Karen I can't wait to see your new bears that you are planning. May be it won't be bears at all. I'm in suspence.