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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I've outdone myself this time!

Hmm maybe I *shouldn't* draw attention to how long it's been since my last blog post.... hehe.... I've had lots of shows to get ready for but I really didn't think it had been so long since I last wrote.
June saw a trip to the wonderful show run by Kympatti on the Gold Coast, July was a trip to Sydney, August was preparing for Hugglets in London and Euro Teddy in Essen, Germany.. and finally, the show closest to home for the whole year, Woodend, on the other side of Melbourne.
Now just one show left to go, a new online show run by Daphne of Backroad Events in the US... of course being an online show everyone can attend! My page is all ready to go on Saturday morning, New York time. Mind you, I am not sure *I* will be so ready to go at 9am New York time- as that is 1am Sunday, eastern Australian Summer time.... will be interesting!:)
Since I am not sure I am clever enough to put the banner in here, I will add the link to the show in the column to the right....... -->
The little gal in the photo is a preview of my show bears... little "Daisy"... I do hope you pop by and check out the show. It looks like it will be a wonderful event, with 75 artists from all over the world.
Bye for now,



Alba Linea said...

once again such a supercute little beary! love your bears sooo much! best wishes and a warm "welcome back". di

Kays Kids said...

Karen I had taken a preview peek earlier today and saw your litlle darling girl. She is so you, and so wonderful. All the best for the show.
Big Hugs Kay